When it comes to eyeglass fashion, there’s always more than meets the eye – and yes, that pun was fully intended. Aside from eyewear playing the role of a medical device that helps you see the world more clearly, there’s a real attachment to the ideas of fashion, beauty, confidence, and personality.

Think back to the last time you shopped for a new pair of glasses. What were you thinking about? Probably not just simply the hope that they would fit comfortably or the fact that you would see better, but in all reality, their aesthetic appeal was more likely at the top of your mind. The larger question becomes, can your eyewear truly change you? Let’s explore that idea together.

Glasses As Art

In much of the same way that jewelry becomes an expression of your personal taste or the art you hang in your home says something about who you are, your eyewear can provide a similar window into your soul. While some view their glasses as a purely functional commodity, what more and more people are coming to realize is that their frames are akin to pieces of art on their faces.

The concept of matching your glasses to your outfit and owning multiple pairs to serve that purpose still stands true, but the idea of more than one pair can be so much more than that. After all, you don’t only have one painting hanging up in your home, right? Owning a rich variety of frames gives you the option to present whichever version of you feels right on any given day.

A Whole New You

Beyond just a pretty color or a pattern that pops against your complexion, many of our patients are surprised to find that their new eyewear can actually change how they feel about themselves and how they relate to others. When you find that perfect pair, you’re proud to wear them every day and you probably stand up just a little bit taller.

One can’t overlook the level of confidence that comes from finding “your perfect pair” either, because for some it takes many years before they finally purchase a frame that they feel reflects their own unique sense of style. Eyewear becomes a part of their identity and is an easy, visual way for someone to learn a little more about them without words.

Changing Lives One Frame At A Time

It might sound dramatic, but a good pair of eyewear can make a huge difference in your self-confidence, positivity, and can even improve your relationships with others. We can’t keep track of how many times a patient will come in and, upon finding their perfect frame, will comment, “My wife will absolutely love these.”

These life-changing purchases can only happen when you’re selecting from high-quality and beautiful frames, just like the ones we have here at Optik PDX. Stop by to work with one of our experienced opticians and discover just how much a pair of glasses can change your world!

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