True eyewear connoisseurs have a deep admiration and respect for the Anne et Valentin brand, understanding the roots behind this independent line and noting how their wide range of styles attempt to set themselves apart from the rest of the optical market.

Dating back more than 30 years, the line was named after the founders themselves – Anne and Valentin. Falling madly in love and marrying long ago, the duo found their talents matched perfectly when it came to completely revolutionizing the French eyewear scene. Today we want to share with you just what makes these frames so special and why they hold a place in our hearts.

Taking A Chance

Valentin became an optician in 1980, and together with this artistic wife, decided to open an eyewear shop in the town of Toulouse. Sitting on the banks of the River Garonne, they approached the optical industry from a completely unique standpoint, one where they attempted to find the perfect frame for each customer rather than the other way around. Their selections were unique and eclectic, yet things soon changed.

After several years of success, Anne and Valentin noticed that there was a real lack of excitement when it came to the current frames on the market. While they did their best to adhere to their senses of fashion and good taste, it became apparent that they had to forge their own path in order to continue serving their patient base.

Starting Their Line

Released in 1984, the couple developed their own frame selection based off of drawings that Anne created in their workshop. Many know this collection as the ALPHA series, and it incorporated shapes and colors that were truly out of the box for their time.

Naming the line after themselves, Anne et Valentin grew in popularity within Toulouse and beyond, allowing the couple to expand upon their collection with ease. They weren’t afraid to experiment with colors, patterns, or materials, and have become one of the most respected brands in the optical industry.

Today’s Choices

Anne et Valentin now offers handfuls of mini collections, each with their own unique sense of style and purpose. Metal designs are often manufactured with a matte finish and utilize geometric shapes that aren’t often seen elsewhere. Acetates cover the gamut from polished and chic to rough edges that are intentionally unfinished to create a distinct look.

The quality of AeV frames hasn’t changed one bit from their inception decades ago, and each piece is still manufactured in a small factory in France using only the highest grade materials including acetate, metal, and titanium. All AeV frames are designed to last and not only look amazing, but are crafted to feel great on your face. Not only are ophthalmic styles plentiful, but the brand also develops a deep selection of sunglass styles that walk the line between out of this world and the ultimate in luxurious style.

The next time you’re in the area, stop by Optik PDX to take a look at the Anne et Valentin styles we carry. With dozens and dozens to choose from, it’s a fun process to explore their various designs and tap into your inner desire to be bold and fashion forward. After all, everyone could use a little bit of French fashion in their lives, right?

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