Our eyewear gallery displays only independent eyewear collections from designers with a love of color, materials and shapes.

Theo is the most self-willed brand of designer glasses. Their eyewear is playful, colorful, happy, and comes with a little quirk.

SALT is an independent eyewear company with roots in California’s coastal subculture. SALT creates premium handcrafted eyewear for people who like simple things made well.

Anne et Valentin is an expressive French collection that can be dramatic or dramatically simple. They seamlessly blend the use of shapes, color and materials to give you a frame that you will LOVE!

Mykita Mylon has redefined luxury sports fashion eyewear. They the absolutely finest example of technology and fashion. MYLON is made with cutting-edge 3D printing technology, a patented polyamide-based material and patented colorizing process.

Mykita uses a patented hinge design which gives the brand their signature identity by removing the need for awkward screws and soldering. Their use of cutting-edge materials lead to avant-garde, individual and unmistakable eyewear.

Barton Perreira sunglass and optical collections have become synonymous with luxury eyewear. Barton Perreira leads the industry by unveiling must-have styles that have unrivaled function and beauty.

The story behind Matsuda Eyewear is long and detailed, so it’s our goal to give you the important facts without putting your brain into information overload. Sit back and enjoy as we learn about Matsuda’s amazing history.

At Optik PDX, we use Shamir Autograph III customized, freeform lenses in single vision and progressive designs. These High-Definition lenses provide you with the best optical clarity; much better vision compared to conventional molded lenses sold at other opticals.