With so many amazing optical brands out there, it can be hard to pick the ones that truly represent the style and quality that we aim for at Optik PDX. However, one brand completely blew us away from the start and we’ve been proud to carry a huge range of their frames for years.

That brand is SALT. Optics, and the story behind their products is an interesting element that really allows patients to connect with their frames on a deeper level. Let’s learn a little more about the history of SALT. and why they’re so special.

California Dreamin’

Founded in 2006, the team at SALT. draw on their surfing roots and love for the Golden State to create their beautiful eyewear. Founders Taylor Whisenand and David Rose both used to be sponsored surfers for Quicksilver, and when they joined forces with business partner Ron Smith, the threesome put their heads together to create a true labor of love.

After really taking the time to look at their frames, patients often realize that SALT. sticks to a specific set of color schemes, and for a good reason. Again drawing back to all things California, the brand is inspired by the tones of nature and uses everything from ocean blues and greens to the golden browns found in the desert.

While surfing has definitely played a role in the owners’ lives, the essence of the surfing culture has transitioned into the way SALT. runs as a business. They make a genuine effort to work as a closely knit team and make sure their retailers have everything they need to be successful.

Nothing Beats Experience

By now you’re probably scratching your head wondering how two surfers and a businessman have managed to make some of the most beautiful eyewear on the market, right? It helps when the designers have optical experience, and Rose spent many years at the infamous Oliver Peoples before branching off and starting his own line.

This hands-on knowledge has allowed SALT. to really propel themselves to the forefront of the independent optical world, as their styles not only look great but have all of the components of really great fitting eyewear. The team utilizes a mixture of modern touches and integrates them with classic shapes from the past, finishing each style off with a sprinkle of laid-back surfer attitude.

Something For Everyone

The next time you’re in the Mississippi Ave area, head over to Optik PDX to try on a SALT. frame or two. We have a variety of styles for both men and women as well as a healthy array of their gorgeous sunglasses, complete with polarized lenses. SALT. has even collaborated with AETHER Apparel to create several unique sun styles that really push the envelope of current eyewear trends.

Crafted from Italian and Japanese acetate and influenced by art, music, architecture, and the overall lifestyle that comes from California, SALT. Optics has certainly made a name for themselves in the eyewear industry. After you check out the styles we have available, we’ll bet that you can’t pick just one!

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