In a hip city like Portland, it seems that most people are on-board with doing everything they can to save the environment, help others, and impart a sense of altruism into their daily lives. While for some these actions are done in an effort to fit in or have some sort of personal gain, others find a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness knowing that they made a difference.

At Optik PDX, we fall into the latter category, as we have made conscious choices in the way we do business to ensure that we are giving back in every way we can.

Donating To The Cause

Did you know that every time you have an eye exam in our shop, we donate a portion of the cost to an awesome organization? While the groups vary from time to time, some of our regular contributions go to:

  • Helping Orphans Worldwide
  • Oregon Food Bank
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • Self Enhancement, Inc.
  • Project Homeless Connect
  • The International School
  • The Madeleine School
  • Northwest Mothers Milk Bank
  • Oregon Public Radio

We are also super passionate about the work being done at Outside In, a Portland non-profit that’s been around since 1968. They offer services to homeless youth as well as much needed medical services to many in the community.

Thinking Locally

The actions we all make on a daily basis have a huge impact on the world around us, so we try to make the greatest change possible within our own hometown. Not only can we accomplish this through donations, but we’ve even integrated this philosophy of giving back within the eyewear we carry.

Think back to the last time you visited us – remember seeing wooden eyewear? Those frames are part of our own line called Five Oh three and they’re handcrafted from reclaimed wood right here in PDX. We work with a local eyewear manufacturer to create beautiful and one of a kind designs that you literally can’t find anywhere else, and proceeds from each frame sale are donated to local educational non-profits.

Keep It Green

Sustainability and thinking about the environment has been in our hearts and on our minds since day one, as Dr. Ezra designed the shop to incorporate as many green elements as possible. Optik PDX is a LEED Gold certified building and uses reclaimed and recycled materials in a number of ways.

From no VOC paint on our walls and 100% recycled carpet to a paperless office that uses reclaimed wood, it’s a place that we’re proud to say has a minimal negative impact on the environment. In some places around the country it would be difficult or expensive to create an optical shop that’s focused on the planet, and we’re thankful that Portland is so open to these concepts.

Beyond just the building we reside in, our efforts to help the environment are present in the way we work with used contacts and glasses as well. We partner with Terracycle to not only recycle the blister packaging that contact lenses are contained in, but also the foil wrapper and contact itself! Previously used eyewear also gets some much needed attention here, as we service frames to bring them back to life and donate them to those in need.

The mission at Optik PDX is about so much more than just offering stellar service, comprehensive exams, and making sure you walk away with a pair of glasses you love. We understand that through our day to day operations, we’re making an impact in the lives of many and in the city of Portland as a whole. Thanks for supporting us and in turn, the causes we believe in!

You make the difference!

When you have an eye exam with us, you choose which nonprofit we donate to!

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